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Buk Spa
Thermal Bath Buk

Address of Spa: Hungary H-9740 Bükfürdő, Termál krt. 2.
For information call: +36-94/558-080
Fax: +36-94/358-023

Bükfürdő is one of Hungary's most significant spas.

It is situated in the northwest part of Vas County, Where the Kisalfold and the foot of the Alps meet. Bukfurdo is 30 km from Szombathely and 46 km from Sopron, and the nearest border crossing is 27 km. The Buk spa is easy to reach on Highways 84 and 86. 840,000 people visit the baths each year. The 55-degree medicinal water rises from a depth of 1,282 metres.

It contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and fluorine as well as carbonic acid gas. The Bukfurdo bath complex has 19 winter and summer pools in a 13-hectare area. With its bathing services meeting 21st century demands, the courses of treatment in the Physiotherapy Institute, the comfort offered by the Recreation Park, its modern camp site and conference centre, and its highly qualified and versatile staff, it is able to meet the highest expectations.

Medicinal content of the Buk Bath water: Alkali hydrogen carbonate medicinal water with a high carbonic acid content.

Spa Buk

Conditions treated in Thermalbath Buk:

General: Osteoporosis, diskopathy, lumbago, inactive stages of chronic arthritis, gout, rheumatism, digestive disorders.

Special: Post-accident treatment, osteoporosis treatment, orthopaedic and neurosurgical post-operative rehabilitation, chronic gynaecological and urological inflammations, chronic gastric catarrh, ulcer disorders.

Pools: Number of pools: 19

Bath Buk health services:
Balneotherapy: Pool bath, Medicated tub bath, Ingestive cure, Mudpack, Effervescent tub bath. Mudpacking as well can be done for a doctors suggestion.
Hydrotherapy: Weight bath, Underwater water-jet massage.
Mechanotherapy: Massage, Individual therapeutic exercises, Group therapeutic exercises, Underwater gym.
Electrotherapy: Galvanic treatment, Iontophoresis, Extension vibrator, Diadynamics, Short wave treatment, Selective stimulus current treatment, Ultrasound treatment, Interferometric current treatment.
Phototherapy: Laser therapy, laser acupuncture, soft laser treatment
Other treatment in Thermal Buk Bath: Inhalation therapy, Oxygen therapy.
Other medical services: Dentistry

Other special services:
Sauna, Optician, Foot massage, Acupuncture.

Recreational Services in Buk Bath:
Jacuzzi, air-blown seated water-jet massage.

Games and sports:
Playground, Sports fields, including: football pitch, minigolf course.

Cure package:
Buk Thermalbath wellness cure package
Examination by a doctor, individually tailored wellness packages

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